PCCS Roadmap

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Start PCCS project


Complete basic relay, cross-chain contract development


Conduct inter-chain debugging and test network construction


Launch main network and conduct ecological construction


Research and Development of PCCS Anonymous Intelligent Contract Platform


Research and Development of PCCS Heterogeneous Chain Function

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PCCS Architecture

PCCS Architecture

As the parallel chain of EOS, PCCS is built based on the underlying infrastructure of EOSIO, following the BFT-DPOS consensus mechanism and the same blockchain data structure. Thus, it is considered as an inter-chain between the EOS main chain and the isomorphic chain. PCCS completes the transmission, parsing and processing of isomorphic inter-chain protocol packets by writing EOSIO system plug-ins and smart contracts while maintaining the independence of EOS main chain and side chains.

The following components are involved in the isomorphic chain between PCCS and EOS main chain:

Isomorphic Inter-Chain Protocol (ICP) isomorphic inter-chain contract, deployed simultaneously on the parallel chain and main chain, supports parsing of cross-chain protocol packets, verification and storage of certificates, and EOS native token (EOS), PCCS original token (PCCS), EOS token inter-chain asset transfer, isomorphic inter-chain channel, through logic to ensure the stability and security of channel establishment. Replay, securely and quickly transfer inter-chain protocol packets between the parallel chain and the main chain


Inter-chain protocols are meant to be able to express state transitions in decentralized inter-chain interoperability. Interoperability is the only point to be taken into consideration in building isomorphic inter-chain protocols, which are symmetric and two-way protocols. Based on the starting point of avoiding changes to the underlying EOSIO software, we will implement inter-chain contracts that are deployed to both isomorphic chains. Therefore, the isomorphic inter-chain protocol is designed to contain data packets of state data and block certificates, and the Replay performs chain-to-chain packet relay, that is, the interface that calls the inter-chain contract.

We will deploy two identical contracts on the EOS main chain and PCCS. The contract account name is also pccseosioibc and provides an inter-chain operation interface for handling two-way transaction information.

The isomorphic inter-chain contract can realize the contract call interface and perform inter-chain verification through the isomorphic inter-chain protocol. We need to introduce the concept of inter-chain channel as the connection channel between the inter-chain isomorphic contracts and pass the logic. Prove to ensure the stability and safety of the channel establishment.

Although the EOSIO blockchain is designed to support inter-chain friendliness and the development of isomorphic inter-chain contracts on the EOSIO blockchain can express and record inter-chain intents themselves, EOSIO does not support contracts that can initiate inter-chain communication proactively and be externally called through the design interface. We will implement the EOSIO software plug-in to achieve the Replay of the isomorphic inter-chain contract, which can be deployed in the PCCS Chain and EOS main chain all nodes, and the relay is responsible for the PCCS Chain and real-time synchronization of bidirectional ICP packets linking to EOS main chain.